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Open the door and enjoy a walk here in the Natural Park of Adamello Brenta, taste a coffee under the Castle of Stenico breathing the fresh air of the waterfall or visit a Museum in the Forest.
Go to discover the majesty of the Brenta Dolomites, with one of the thousand trails of the area.
Have a swim in the crystal clear waters of Molveno (declared one of the most beautiful lake in Italy)
and taste the local food and wine watching the sunset.
If you like sports you have just to choose: paragliding, horse riding, biking, hiking, canoeing, climbing ...
Maso Azzurro and Azzurro Mountain Lodge, they have a perfect position from where you can easily reach the most beautiful places of this Unesco Biosphere. Each season is beautiful here and it has something different to offer.
Check here our suggestions: activities, places and restaurants,
and click on the underline word to see more info as telephone numbers!


Hiking from Maso Azzurro, just open the door and go to discover the Natural Park

  • Premione - go up into the deep forest or take a trail from the square to discover the natural beauty of this area

  • Cascate Rio Bianco- beautiful soft trekking following the waterfall 1 h

  • Bosco Arte Stenico - soft trekking in the forest with a eco museum on the way - about 1 h

  • Stenico Castle -this mysterious castle deserve a visit!

  • Valandro wild - one of the wildest mountain where you can see many wild animals. Magic point of view of the valley. Park or walk until Seo town (it takes 3h to the top)    




Our Special Tip:       

  1. In june have a night walk it's full of fireflies

  2. From may to october enjoy a walk in the apple fields with flowers or fruits

  3. In September a night walk to ear the deers calling for loving season

  4. After a walk in the natural park enjoy the amazing food under the trees of Dologno Restaurant

  5. Once visited the castle take your time for a spritz or a coffee in Stenico square

Hiking Around Here, some of the best hiking at the Brenta Dolomites

  • Molveno has nice and panoramic trails over the lake on the Dolomites. Gondola can bring you up, check the schedule. 

  • A Taxi Jeep to the amazing Val d'Ambiez can bring you up to Rifugio Cacciatore. Absolutely a must. € 40 - 4 person one way, if you like to walk it's possibile to go up by foot. 

  • Val d'Algone is unforgettable. After Stenico waterfall take the first road on the right and drive until Malga Movlina or just stop and choose one of the fabulous trekking. Do not follow google maps but take the road in the natural parc.

  • Pinzolo is a bit more touristic but has a great panorama and a good rifugio where to eat. Take the gondola to go up.

  • Monte Casale - panoramic trekking from 3 h (or 30 minutes parking at the top). Pay the ticket at Comano town (hotel panoramica) and park the car at the 3 pilons.



Our Special Tip:

  1. In Val Ambiez, Try a night dinner at the rifugio Cacciatore and go down by taxi jeep

  2. In Val Algone have a stop to malga Nambi and try fresh cheese and yogurt 

  3. In Pinzolo have a panoramic cake at the rifugio Doss

  4. Go early morning to Casale to see wild animals and enjoy the sunrise

  • Lago di Molveno Gorgeous lake where is possible to swim, and trekking around also taking the gondola. Dolomites view- 15 minutes from Maso Azzurro

  • Lago di NembiaSmall nice lake oasi wwf on the way to Molveno - 13 minutes 

  • Lago di Tenno- Cristal clean waters surrounded by nature and the amazing historical town Canale di Tenno - 20 minutes 

  • Lago di Garda - in Riva is possible to do windsurf and sailing- 30 minutes 



Our Special Tip:

  1. Have a dinner to the panoramic  Molveno Lago Park 

  2. Try a sailing aperitivo on the lake in Riva del Garda 

  3.  After a swim in Tenno have a lunch to the panoramic  Rifugio San Pietro

  4. Wind surf/Sailing - Best place for all the water sports is Riva del Garda

Lakes near by Maso Azzurro where you can
Swimming, hiking, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing and more

Other Sports



Our Special Tip:

  1. Prepare a tasty Pic Nic with the local food and have a day biking. There are also some wine tasting bike tour

  2. Try a paragliding tandem flight, it's something that you'll never forget

  3. For who is not a skier La Roda   is a beautiful place where to eat, drink and enjoy the view of the dolomites

More ideas


Our Special Tip:

  1. Have a coffee in the historical Canale di Tenno discovering the old village from the '1600

  2. Enjoy your wine tasting after a beautiful walk near Toblino lake and castle

Restaurants - Rifugi - Food


Delivery for Dinner: Cattoni, Bellavista

Delivery for croissant/krapfen/pizza/focaccia to Maso Azzurro early morning - to order the evening before +39 347 4405292 Federico




Ristoro Dolomiti,


Maso Marocc,


Alpen Rose,

L'Osteria di Stenico

Flora Vital restaurant,

Maso Limarò

Il Ritorno

Molveno Lago Park


San Pietro 

La Roda 

La Montanara




Our Special Tip:

  1. Try  Icrecream and Yogurt in this small family shop called Mami. They do all with their 6 cows in Favrio.

  2. Enjoy a risotto cooked in the copper pot as they use to do it in the past in Fiore

  3. Have a dinner in the magic Ristoro Dolomiti, , where the lady prepare all with the natural product of the forest or from her garden 

  4. Dinner with a wanderfull view? Book here Maso Marocc,  Erika, Molveno Lago Park, San Pietro La Roda 

  5. Try a special aperitivo at Il Ritorno

  6. Taste a gourmet pizza at Maso Limarò

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